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Housecure is a property mediator platform that helps buyers find verified property, sellers safely sell it, and estate agents close more successful deals.

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UX/UI design


the challenge

The client had many ideas that should work separately in theory, but in terms of UX design, they will have a lot of gaps. Together with the client, we did a series of brainstorming sessions to clear up the product principle and gather that all-in-one working mechanism that will be understandable and easy to use for 3 types of users.

what we did

As the product hadn't any design before, we started from the branding (brand-book + logotype). The client wanted to launch a marketing strategy as soon as possible, so then we created a website design. And the last part was the bigger one - UX/UI solutions for the web application (+mobile version).

What client said

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“UXIS is good at bringing in the fundamentals of UX. They holding me back on some of my out-of-the-box ideas and made them in a usable way for my users. They has a solid understanding of both development and design, however, which allows them to create designs that are easy to produce, as well as reuse & adjust.”

Theo Inglis,
Co-Founder, Housecure, UK

Product logotype.

The ideation of logo

The logo combined several ideas. It represents 3 types of users with completely different goals, so the Housecure combines them all. Three figures represent the shape of a house roof. The squares in isometry represent the rooms in the house.

Product brand book.

What it includes?

The brand book included types of logotype and how to apply it in different places, brand colors, font styles, brand shapes, patterns, and examples of applying.

Website design.

Idea of interaction

The main visual element on the homepage is a house. The house is rendered in 3d, and on scrolling, the house is turned around, and for each type of user (buyer, seller and agent) the house has different angles, and various design elements hovering near the house.

Web app initial screen.

the Context

The buyer cannot search for housing anonymously because many fraudsters are in this area. So, the first what the buyer see when logined is this screen when he / she shoulld filling out essential information and verifying identity (KYC).

Creating new ”offer pack”.

AI chatbot

For the application to help the buyer find the dream home, it needed additional information from the buyer. We decided that here the AI chatbot will perform this job simply unsurpassed.

Created ”offer pack” by the buyer.

What is the principle?

The offer pack screen is like a profile of the buyer. The seller or estate agent can see this profile and decide if they want to have a deal with this person. The main element in the offer pack is a buyer score. Higher score - more chance to buy a house of a dream. To increase the score, the buyer should complete all tasks of filling in different information. By this method, the app is guaranteed that buyer is not a fraud or a suspicious person.

The completion of the tasks.

made UX easiest

We tried to make the completing the tasks as easy as possible. After the discussion, we reduced the completion of tasks to a simple survey where the buyer just had to choose an option. With this solution, we have removed a large burden from UX.

Making an offer of property buying to the seller.

the Context

The purpose of this app is to buy and sell the property safely. Technically, Houseure can’t provide a searching property feature. That is why the buyer needs to fill out the information about the seller in case he/she wants to make an offer. P.S.: this work actually can do an estate agent that is a third user persona in this app.

Screen of buyer's offers.

Negotiating the offer.

the Context

Buyer and Seller negotiate the offer via the app by adjusting the property price and adding comments to the answer. Ultimately, the offer can be declined or approved by both parties.

How the Seller see the offer from the Buyer.

the Context

The Seller receives the offer by email. By clicking on a link, the Seller sees this screen with an offer from the Buyer and his/her profile and score. Based on detailed information, the Seller decides if he/she wants to have a deal with the Buyer.

tested UI solution

Single-canvas block is working best regarding content perception and UX. We tested 5 different variants of data compositions of this screen, and this variant showed the best results. It seems too simple and not interesting, but the paradoxis that it works best.

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“They knowledge of UX principles is seriously impressive.”

Tulha Patel, Kwala

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